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We offer a Digital Media comprehensive training program, in which, students will receive at the end of training a Certificate of Completion in Graphic Design. The goal of the program is to give students employable skills to become a graphic designer or web designer. “Digital Arts for Autism” does not guarantee employment to graduates. Digital Arts for Autism is a private, for profit vocation school. Digital Arts for Autism specializes in preparing High Functioning Autistic Adult (+18) Students training in Digital Media and Animation. Courses are instructed two days a week – four hours per day.



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The monthly cost of one DIGITAL MEDIA training course is for (12 weeks) $875.00 (USD). All pricing based on continuous enrollment in the training program. PAY THREE (3) EQUAL PAYMENTS OF $2,675.00 (USD) per course – authorized to a credit card on file.

First equal payment due upon enrollment | Second & Third payments due on the 1st of each consecutive month. Customer understands and acknowledges this is a four course (1 year) training program and total cost of training program is $10,500.00 (USD) for Digital Media Training.


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More companies are hiring employees with Autism with the right training are finding that this untapped workforce has the character traits of :

Honesty | Punctuality | Loyalty | Reliability | Attention to Detail | Perfectionism | Single-mindedness

But BEST of all many have Savant  Like Abilities particularly when it comes to “Art and Animation” This is where we can help !

We accept prospective students for these programs who CAN ….

  • CAN function independently in a CLASSROOM or VIRTUAL setting (with no aide required)
  • CAN work in a structured setting and are interested in Animation or Digital Media
  • CAN successfully manage their own emotional behavior.


This program consists of FOUR courses in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Animate, & WordPress.

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Adobe Illustrator is the industry-standard vector graphics software, used worldwide by designers of all types who want to create digital graphics, illustrations and typography for all kinds of media: print, web, interactive, video and mobile. Learn and master Adobe Illustrator with hands-on Illustrator training courses. Our Adobe Illustrator training courses are task-based and focus on real-world uses and challenges individuals face in their day to day work environments.

Adobe Illustrator gives designers flexible drawing and typography tools to create vector art used for the following:

Graphics | Illustrations | Logos

Adobe Photoshop is the predominant photo editing and manipulation software on the market. Its uses range from the full-featured editing of large batches of photos to creating intricate digital paintings and drawings that mimic those done by hand. Adobe Photoshop is the industry-standard image editing software, and is used worldwide by photographers and graphic designers to perfect their digital images. Adobe Photoshop lets you enhance, retouch, and manipulate photographs and other images. Photoshop allows you to transform your images to the workings of your imagination and showcase them for the world to see.

Adobe Photoshop is photographers, designers, web professionals, and video professionals which can do the following:

Creative Control for 2D and 3D Image Production | Video Editing | Image Analysis


Adobe InDesign is a professional desktop publishing application you lets you create stunning page layouts, creative print media, e-books and other digital publications faster and more efficiently. InDesign is built for designers, prepress and production professionals, and print service providers.

With Adobe InDesign you can create creative print media such as:

Posters | Flyers | Brochures | Magazines | Newspapers | Books

In addition, Adobe InDesign allows you to create e-books and other digital publications, and is easily adjusts for multiple pages sizes, screen sizes, and orientations. It is a great tool for designers, advertisers, and publishers to master.

Adobe Animate is used to design vector graphics and animation for television programs, online video, websites, web applications, rich internet applications, and video games. The program also offers support for raster graphics, rich text, audio and video embedding, and ActionScript scripting.

WordPress is a free and open-source software that can be completely customized from the code up to give users complete control over the look and functions of a website. But WordPress is also flexible, simple to set up, and easy to use by anyone.

With Word Press & Adobe Animate you can create creative:

2D Animation | Website Animation | Video | Online Portfolio

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